$HILO Roadmap
Q1 2023:
✅ Deployment of $HILO token
✅ Testing and development of Binary Prediction dApp 1.0 on testnet
✅ Deployment of Binary Prediction dApp v1 mainnet: ETH/USD pairing is first to launch on the Ethereum network
✅ CMC and CG applications and listings
✅ Launch of Binary Prediction dApp 2.0
✅ Consistent addition of new pools, pairs and time periods
✅ UI upgrades
✅ Multiple partnerships
Q2 2023:
✅ Leaderboards & Rankings
Users Dashboards
✅ Live dApp Analytics page
Profile customization
Live Charts
✅ Telegram Bot update
✅ UI and UX constant updates
✅ Massive platform fee reduction through in-app Arbitrum integration to dApp
Further partnerships & Marketing campaign
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