Why choose $HILO binary predictions?

Value proposition

No risk of liquidation

Perpetual futures trading is highly risky in volatile markets. With more price action manipulation occurring by exchanges and market makers, you can get liquidated in a very fast wick, even if the price eventually moves in the direction of your trade.
With the $HILO binary options mechanism, you bet on the directional momentum of the token with no concern about Inter-timeframe volatility. The pool results only consider the last price at the moment of the pool closure.

Bi-directional access to tokens with no perpetual futures listing

Many Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens are not listed on exchanges because they can’t meet the volume criteria of listing. While it could have a solid community around it, it can still be on DEXs only for an extended period or forever.
Swapping on DEXs only gives market buy/and sell functionalities. This exposes token holders to volatility, while they don’t have much to do when the price goes down except for selling their positions.
With the $HILO binary options mechanism, users get access to betting on token prices to get down, which gives them flexibility in the altcoins market with low MarketCap on Ethereum.

Hedge against volatile markets

Suppose you hold a position that you believe will be affected by volatility. Betting on binary options in the opposite direction can grant you a hedge against market loss.