$HILO Q1 Roadmap

Get ready for an exciting first quarter of 2023 as we bring you the Binary Prediction dApp! Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect:
  • Q1 2023: Get set for testing and implementation of the Binary Prediction dApp. Our development team is working in tandem with the $HILO contract to bring you the best experience.
  • Vigorous stress testing and security checks: To ensure the code and contract interact securely and accurately with the blockchain, we'll be conducting rigorous stress testing and security checks on the testnet.
  • Binary Prediction dApp v1 goes live: ETH/USD pairing will be the first to launch on the Ethereum network. Get ready for hourly pools and start predicting with confidence!
  • V2 with Trending Coins: Get ready for an even better experience as the v2 of the dApp goes live with an array of high-volume token pairings and longer/varied time frames.
  • Dashboard and Leaderboard: Keep track of your progress with the implementation of a dashboard and leaderboard, in conjunction with the Shadow Betting feature.
  • AI feature -- testing involves evaluating the accuracy, reliability, and performance of AI algorithms and models. This can include testing on a variety of inputs, including different tokens, contract addresses, and blockchains, to ensure that the AI system works correctly in a variety of scenarios. Testing is an important step in the development process to identify and fix any issues before deployment, so that the AI system can function as intended in real-world use cases.
And that's just the first quarter! Stay tuned for even more exciting updates in Q2 2023 with expanding prediction pairs, additional chart integrations, performance statistics, and analytics. With expanding token pairs, integrating two different live charts, upgradable entry sizes cap with $HILO tiered holding, and leaderboards with user performance statistics and analytics, you'll have all the tools you need to make informed predictions. Get ready for the ultimate prediction experience!