The Binary Prediction dApp in detail

This section aims to give an in-depth look into the mechanics of the Binary Prediction dApp by $HILO.
A core belief behind $HILO has always been to simplify convoluted concepts into easy-to-use systems; although this does involve quite complex coding behind the scenes, our interfaces aim to allow for an enjoyable and straightforward application of these concepts.
The dashboard will have a few key sections that will enable users access to important information that is live-updated. Although the dashboard will continue to expand, the key sections that will be available from the onset will include:
•win rate •total bets/predictions •profit and loss data •favourite pairs •history of all bets/predictions placed
One of the most significant aspects of the dashboard is that all of the above sections apply as performance metrics for tracking personal statistics AND tracking other users progress; this, combined with the leaderboard, gives our users the ability to follow/favourite other users. With the utilisation of our Shadow Betting, people will be able to mimic the success of others to their own advantage.
To summarise Shadow Betting, which has been detailed in an article and in a section of this whitepaper, this utility allows people to put to use the leaderboard by tracking the triumphs of other users of the dApp. They can then use metrics such as favourite pairs and win rate to mimic the success of those doing well for themselves. Through this, Shadow Betting allows everyone a better chance at winning!
Additionally, the pools to bet on are set in a variety of time frames. You’ll be betting on whether the price will closer lower or higher within a selected frame - 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and up to a 24hr frame can be chosen. There is also a wide range of categories of pools; bluechips, top 100 coins, then an array of market caps ranging from your large MC tokens to medium, small, and of course, micro caps.
We even boast variable options for what you’re betting the outcome to be - traditionally there is ‘high’ and ‘low’, but also included will be other, more specific out comes, for example ‘50% down’ to ‘200% up’ - this will allow for all kinds of different strategies while still maintaining simplified ease of use and binary betting.
While continuously developing our systems, we will always strive to simplify, clarify, and provide easy to understand explanations of any and all aspects of the $HILO Binary Prediction dApp.