🔮 Real-Life Predictions and Events

Introducing a brand new category to our Binary Prediction Platform! We are thrilled to announce that users will now be able to predict and profit from real-life events spanning political, sports, industrial, social, and controversial topics.
What sets this iteration apart is the decentralized and genuine odds, aligned with the real-world sentiment surrounding each topic. Similar to Token predictions, every pool will consist of two options, with one option always being certain. By maintaining a truly binary nature, we simplify the results and simplify the possibilities.
Similarly to our Token scanners team, we will have worldwide events scanners checking for the latest news, cultivating them as early as possible, and making sure we use the hype around the world to fill up the dApp with viral events.
Rest assured, all questions and pools will be based on official, proven, and documented answers/results, sourced from reliable online resources. We guarantee that there will be no room for controversial or uncertain outcomes.
Are you ready to seize the opportunity to profit from the future? Join us now and experience the excitement of real-life predictions!
Last modified 1mo ago