Pools/Price Settlement

The settlement process for pools and prices involves the following steps:
Gathering Data: Initially, relevant data for each pool is collected from Dexcreener API, a known reliable source.
Price Calculation: The collected data is used to calculate the final settled price for each pool.
Closure and Settlement: Once the final settled price is determined, the pool is ordered to close on-chain. This triggers the settlement process, where all predictions and rewards are calculated and distributed to the winners accordingly.
Implementation of Direct Oracles/On-chain Prices: Currently, efforts are underway to implement direct oracles or on-chain prices. This would allow for a more streamlined and efficient process, eliminating the need to rely on external APIs for price retrieval. Please note that price spikes can occur at any moment. Our dApp will collect API data from Dexscreener and update the pools accordingly. We are not directly connected to the price action of the pools, nor do we have control over it. Additionally, we do not advertise or promote any tokens that we list.