Hilo dApp Walkthrough

• BRIDGING NOTE: Please ensure you have bridged some $ETH to Arbitrum before you start; $10 is enough for aprox 50-100 transactions. You can find the bridge here: https://bridge.arbitrum.io/ - and a popular ‘how to bridge’ guide here https://medium.com/wardenofficial/arbitrum-bridge-tutorial-9ad648b27b58
• DEPOSITING: • Buy $HILO tokens You can purchase $HILO using several swaps, including Uniswap https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xbb9FD9Fa4863C03c574007fF3370787B9cE65ff6&use=V2 And also Kyberswap https://kyberswap.com/swap/ethereum/eth-to-hilo Or Maestro CA: 0xbb9fd9fa4863c03c574007ff3370787b9ce65ff6 • Open dApp, NOTE: while multiple browsers will operate the dApp, the browsers built into wallets like Trust Wallet and Coin Base Wallet work more effectively, with the MetaMask browser running seamlessly. • Connect your wallet to the dApp, ensuring it’s on the ETH chain You can use Wallet Connect for Trust Wallet, CBW or other wallets, or MetaMask connect inside MetaMask. Ensure the wallet you connect holds the $HILO you want to deposit and a small amount of $ETH for initial gas fees. • Navigate to ‘Cashier’ After connecting your wallet, select the ‘Cashier’ menu; this screen has a simple but elegant deposit/withdraw toggle that manually prompts your wallet to switch between the Ethereum and Arbitrum networks. • Deposit $HILO Your available $HILO is displayed as your ‘balance’. Deposits are unlimited; no minimum and maximum deposits.
•Bridge inside the dApp Once your deposit is completed, the dApp will automatically prompt you to swap to the Arbitrum chain - confirm this with your wallet. NOTE: if it doesn’t automatically pop up, click on the withdraw/deposit button to manually toggle between ETH and ARB chains.
•Placing predictions You are now connected to the dApp via the Arb chain. All interactions moving forward; predicting, claiming and withdrawing, are all on the Arbitrum chain.
To place predictions, navigate to the ‘Home’ screen to see the currently open pools. Select the pool you’d like to place a prediction on, then select the direction you’d like to predict - then you’ll need to approve and confirm the transaction to place your bet. This will cost an average of $0.05-$0.50.
•Claiming Wins Claim your wins by navigating to the ‘Positions’ menu. Here you can see all of the pools you have placed predictions on - any that have settled with you as the winner will have a ‘Claim’ button. Hit this button to claim your winnings - again, a small transaction will need to be confirmed, with an average price of $0.05 to $0.5.
WITHDRAWING •Navigate to ‘Cashier’ Your current $HILO will be displayed as ‘Balance’. When you head over to the ‘Cashier’, you’ll see your $HILO - remembering all interactions inside the dApp are utilising the Arbitrum chain, so your $HILO for withdrawal is currently on the Arb chain - this allows for very cheap withdrawal fee.
•Withdraw your $HILO Choose the amount of $HILO you wish to withdraw, then hit the ‘Withdraw’ button. You’ll need to confirm the transaction - as it’s an Arb tX, it’s remarkably cheap to withdraw.
•Your $HILO is automatically bridged back to the Ethereum chain! When withdrawing, the dApp doesn’t just withdraw $HILO from the Cashier to your wallet, it actually bridges the $HILO tokens from Arb back to Ethereum for you! Now you have your $HILO back in your wallet on the eth chain.