- Can you Lower the Tax? Contract is renounced, therefore no one can edit or chance any functionality in the CA, including TAx. - Where are the taxes going? Developing a project like Hilo involves several expenses such as daily salaries, payments and expenses, server and hosting costs, gas fees for Automatic transactions, maintenance, buybacks, partnerships, collaborations, branding, content creation, and more. It's important to note that this project is not run by a single person and all these expenses add up, so it's not free. Hilo is not a meme token and is a large project that requires significant and constant resources to maintain and grow. - Where are the rewards coming from when someone win a prediction? It is a pool prize system; therefore, whatever you win, you are taking it from the pool. This means that your profits come at the expense of someone else, as their loss contributes to the prize pool.
There is no minting function, so all rewards are already circulating and cannot have a negative impact on the token supply or price. - Why team is not doxxed? The team is doxxed to Solidproof and numerous other influencers and callers. The team is currently maintaining temporary anonymity to the public due to privacy and consistency reasons. Naturally, we have plans to announce and register HILO as a company in the near future.
- Does the dApp create selling pressure? We have auditors who conducted a one-month research, and they found out that only 2% of selling pressure come from the dApp. This indicates that our dApp users are not selling much, and profit takers from the dapp are quite low. This conclusion is based on our full audit that lasted for one month. - More utilities coming? We have numerous upcoming features and use cases for our token, but we do not want to release or talk about them yet. Currently, we are focused on finalizing the basic tasks that we have at hand. - Plans for staking? Yes, there is plans for staking, we will use a percentage of the collected fees from the dApp to reward our holders. Was that helpful? If you still have any more questions, feel free to visit our live chat on Telegram and ask anything related to the project.