dApp Revenue

The dApp supports the project through multiple avenues. One of these is through the platform tax.
The 5% platform tax is divided as follows:
10% will be burned.
40% will be allocated for revenue sharing/staking rewards.
50% will be used for marketing, team remuneration , and general upkeep of the project (gas fees, contracts, servers, etc).
This structure facilitates long term growth and sustainability of the project, while allowing for direct holder rewards through mechanisms such as revenue sharing and/or staking.
Keep in mind that all these tokens are purchased by our users; there is no minting involved. This essentially means that as we grow, the supply size will decrease, while our (LP) will expand. Keeping us truly deflationary.
This positions us for the highest stages we aim to reach: a stable, mature project with a solid price base and tokenomics supported by a legitimate business model.